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Uploading is Hard Work

2009-11-25 10:51:25 by Shadowcroft

My Goodness I am begining to see the that uploading Art and stuff does take a while. I am beaten and alittle and tired now. But i will not be deafeted. I am planing in the near future to draw up some new art and i feel allittle inspired now and i want to try and impress my friends and everyone else. I hope i do not have to use the very old Art Folder lol.

Anyway Catch you guys Later its time for a break.


A New Begining

2009-11-25 09:12:20 by Shadowcroft

Well I have Finally made the jump and came on to newgrounds, i have always loved the site, looking at the various flash movies and art etc, and some new friends of mine, got me to take the plung and join. I am happy with being here and have recently found some very old art i had from years ago hence my first submission of a Sally Acorn Pic I done. That aside i do not have much on today so i may get some more old suff and post it. It will be interesting what people think of it. Oh and Hi to my friends who got me on, i hope i can be as dedicated as you on this, i can't do flash but i can put a few things on at least.

Thanks for having me Newgrounds.

Kai Shadowcroft (For anyone interested i prefer to be called Kai when i am online generally)